Retargeting: The Key to Increasing Your Online Sales


You’ve heard it before, but what is retargeting, and does it actually help your online business? A basic overview of retargeting is that it’s a marketing tool that leaves a cookie on the browser of someone visiting your site (other situations of how to leave cookies without the potential customer coming to your site are explained below). That cookie generates different banner ads and such that remind your site visitor of your company.

Can this tool help your business? Absolutely. Some companies have turned a majority of their marketing efforts to retargeting after seeing over 50% higher conversion rates from customers who have been retargeted. In fact, retargeting ads have a 10% greater click-through rate than other advertisements.

Here are five types of retargeting you should be aware of if you are truly wanting to increase your revenue:

  1. Site Retargeting

This involves placing a pixel on your site so that when customers visit your page, they will later see advertisements for your site when they are online. You’ve most likely seen this before; you visit a site once and then suddenly you have ads for that business popping up every time you get on the Internet, but you can’t deny that it’s effective. And most site visitors aren’t annoyed by it, they remain neutral. In fact, 3 out of 5 people say that they notice and remember these types of advertisements.

Once those retargeting ads appear, immediately that customer is jogged with the memory of a product they might have wanted but pushed out of their mind. There’s a power behind reminding these customers of your business, one that often brings positive ROI’s.

  1. Link Retargeting

This form of retargeting is mostly done through email and social media marketing, placing a link on a post or email, often taking the consumer to a third-party site. But, after clicking that link, a cookie is placed in their browser and the ads pop up, just like with site retargeting. The third-party site, to be most effective with the retargeting, is usually a site with some connection to your product, such as a how-to page on training a pet if your business sells pet products. This may be the most effective kind of email retargeting, since some email providers are blocking direct retargeting cookies straight from the email.

  1. Search Retargeting

If you’re wanting to bring in new customers, this is a great type of retargeting for you. The cookie is left on a potential customer’s browser when they search for words related to your site. It won’t necessarily put your site on the top of their search results (that’s more of a search advertising technique), but once they end their search and even before, they’ll start seeing those banner ads. Without even going to your website, they may find what it was they were searching for just by your opportunely-placed retargeting ad.

  1. Social Media Retargeting

 Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 4.03.46 PM.png

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Platforms for social media have their own retargeting cookies to bring in current customers and followers of your business. With social media as a primary source of communication for many people, retargeting on these sites can be incredibly positive. Check out how social media sites you’d like to retarget on, such as Facebook and Twitter, work their retargeting marketing strategy to see if it’s the best option for your business.

There are other retargeting methods, but even just these few mentioned here are the start you need to effectively bring in more customers (and bring them back), thus increasing your sales.

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